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Photography Protocols

Download photo and video consent forms 

Photo and Video Protocols

  • PSU staff and their agents (professional photographers) may photograph events and people participating in them in public areas, which includes classrooms.
  • PSU staff and their agents (professional photographers) must obtain the written permission of those who will be identified specifically in photos. A large group of people (approximately 6 or more) who will not be named in the photo caption may be photographed without permission as long as they are not identifiable in the photo.
  • There are two types of photo permission forms; one for individuals and one for small groups of people. All people who may or may not be identified in a photo caption must sign a PSU photo release form.
  • The PSU photo release form does not specify the purposes for which the photo will be used; however, it does indicate the date of and event or location in which the photo was taken.
  • People who are specifically depicted in PSU photos may have a right to the commercial benefit PSU derives from using their face, image, or voice. For this reason, it is prudent to assure that our photo release expressly states that photo subjects are waiving their rights to commercial benefit if we use a photo or recording of them. For advertising purposes, PSU may choose to work with professional models to avoid this problem.
  • As a courtesy, people in an instructional setting such as a classroom should be aware that photography will be done and those who do not wish to be depicted in such a setting should be given the opportunity to opt-out or be reseated so as not to be within the camera's range.
  • Organizations/individuals intending to shoot photos on PSU's campus for commercial purposes must contract with Contracting and Procurement Services. PSU generally charges a modest fee for using its campus and insurance conditions apply to these projects.