How do I upload files and images to my Enterprise site from my computer?

Upload Files to Your Site's Library

The Enterprise CMS allows you to add a variety of file types to your site, from images and videos to PDFs and spreadsheets. However, before you can add files to your site, they need to be in your site's library

  1. Choose Add File in the Administrative Menu. 
    The administration menu is the menu bar located at the top of paged when you're logged into the Enterprise CMS or Syndication.

  2. Select +Add Files in the bottom left corner of the upload box. A popup window will appear that lets you locate files on your computer. Some sites only have the option to add one image at a time. If your site is like this, you'll need to click "Browse" instead.

  3. Find the file or files you want to upload in this window. You may choose images, written documents, spreadsheets, or PDF files. Remember that images need to stay under 1MB in size and 1000x1000 pixels in height and width. Images that exceed these limits will inhibit your site's media managing abilities (it will "break" your site).

  4. Once you have selected the desired file or files, click Open.

  5. Press Next on the Add File page. Do not click on Start Upload as it is unreliable.

  6. On the following screen, you can add alt text and title text to your image, along with other modifications.

    • Remember: alt text is required for every image. For decorative images you can create "null" alt text by entering a space (using the spacebar on your keypad) in the "Alt Text" field. If the image serves a purpose, though, you must add alt text that serves the same purpose. Read more about alt text on WebAim.

    • Title text is optional; it simply provides additional image context by displaying a pop-up when someone hovers over the image.  

  7. Click Save

  8. The last screen you see is the file library in thumnail view.

When done uploading the file(s), you can either embed images, or link to other file types

Additional Information

  • You can also upload files you plan to embed (such as images) while on the Edit tab of a page. However, that method is not always reliable so we recommend uploading files to your site's library before embedding.
  • While you can upload most any file type, only PDFs will display when you link to them. Word Docs, Slideshows, and other files will download to the visitor's computer. If you want other document types to display, we recommend uploading files to Google Drive then linking to the document from Drive.  
  • If working with videos, please follow the instructions for embedding videos on your Enterprise site. 

For additional support, email ucomm-support@pdx.edu