Postbaccalaureate: New Student Checklist

 Set Up Your PSU Student Account

To get started, read the instructions on your letter of admission or, for help, call 503-725-HELP(4357) or go to Activating Your Odin Account website.

 Check Your Email Account

Once you’ve set up your student account your PSU email address will be activated and you will receive ALL EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE about your next steps and opportunities through your PSU account. Check your PSU account regularly so you don’t miss important emails!

 Apply for Financial Aid

Be sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible if you haven't already. Check the status of your financial aid award in your student account. Eligibility for financial aid for postbaccalaureate students will depend on degree status and enrollment. Please review information on the Financial Aid office website for details. Please note: International students are not eligible for Financial Aid, but are able to apply for PSU international scholarships.

 Meet with an Academic Advisor

Please select your program from the list below to find advising information. If you are an international student, you can connect with your academic advisor via email and meet them when you arrive in Portland. If you are unsure of what program you want to pursue, you should contact Advising & Career Services to discuss your interests and options. If you are planning to complete prerequisites for other graduate or professional programs, contact the academic department.

 Take Placement Tests or Satisfy Prerequisites

If you need to take a math, chemistry, and/or second language class, you may be expected to complete a placement test prior to enrolling in a related class or have the required prerequisite. You may not be able to register for classes until you complete these tests or can show that you have taken the required prerequisite.

 Submit Missing Documents

Submit official transcripts or test scores that are still missing from your application to the Admissions Office.

 Submit MMR Vaccine Requirement Form

Oregon law requires domestic students show evidence of immunity to measles before registering for their second term of enrollment. Click here to review the instructions and download the form.

 Review Your Health Insurance Options

PSU requires that all domestic students enrolled in five in-load, non-restricted differential tuition credits or more per term maintain comprehensive health insurance to ensure that students stay healthy and in the classroom. The PSU Health Insurance Plan is major medical health insurance providing preventative, routine, and specialized health benefits and students are automatically enrolled and billed the $827 per term (2016-17 cost). Those who have comparable outside health insurance can apply to waive the PSU Health Insurance Plan.

 Get Your PSU Student ID Card

Your PSU student ID card will be mailed to your current address 4-6 weeks prior to the start of your first term provided that you are registered for classes and have a U.S. mailing address. International students will receive their ID card after they complete immigration check-in at International Student Orientation. You should have a photo taken for your ID card at ID Card Services.

 Apply for On Campus Housing

Submit a housing contract to live on campus. The priority deadline for the fall term is May 1. Those who submit a contract after May 1 cannot be guaranteed a spot. You do not need to be admitted to PSU to submit a contract.