Must. Visit. Now.

Portland is anything but a sleepy college town. Attending PSU drops you in the middle of a powerhouse of a city, in a Metro area teeming with 2.5 million people.

We make it easy to find out if PSU is the right fit for you.

Meet our students and pepper them with questions. Tour our classrooms, check out the city views from our student recreation center’s lap pool, walk through our iconic Park Blocks and learn about our 10 cultural resource centers.

You can tour campus on a bike, focus on our Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science or The School of Business, or enjoy a weekend campus visit.

I seriously can't wait to tour PSU  

Spoiler alert: City living has its perks. Here are eight reasons why you’ll never be bored in Portland.

Top 8 Reasons Portland is America's Best College City


1. We'll set you loose in the city, but we'll always have your back

Portland pops and hums with cultural and creative energy, and living on campus in one of our nine modern and historic residence halls places you in the middle of the action. Students in our residence halls get extra help when they need it from our academic coaches, career advisers and counselors. Our First Year Experience lets students choose one of six living and learning communities where you can live amongst peers with similar interests, spend more time with faculty outside of class, and find support from a Learning Community Assistant.


2. Because the livin' (without a car) is easy

It’s 8:15 a.m. You just woke up. You need to get to campus - fast - and you don’t own a car. Don’t panic (OK, panic a little; you really should have set an alarm). Portland has 1,008 miles of on-street bike routes, 550 miles of off-street trails, and online maps of the safest routes to campus. Haven’t caught the biking bug yet? Then odds are there’s a bus or MAX Light Rail pulling up to a stop near you within the next 15 minutes.




3. Odd auditoriums and auditory overload

Make some room in your concert T-shirt drawer, ‘cause it’s about to get crowded in there. Portland’s local music scene samples from the worlds of electro-pop, art punk, Ethiopian-American hip hop, space funk and banjo picking. Our house bands aren’t bad, either: PSU’s acclaimed chamber choir hit #1 on Billboard’s traditional classical album chart this summer, and our opera program has won national awards and attracts internationally recognized artists. Catch a show in an offbeat venue such as a former Baptist church, a rehabbed high school auditorium and a renovated mental institution.


4. Do you take sugar with that?

You want to stay awake in class. We really want you to stay awake in class. Well, Portland can help with that. Every morning we pour several metric tons of coffee beans into the top of the Koin Tower, where it is roasted, ground and brewed … gotcha! OK, so that technology doesn’t exist yet, but when it does, we’ll be on top of it, because Portland has more than 40 micro coffee roasters, and someone here has already figured out how to cram a coffee shop inside an actual double-decker bus. Drink up.



5. Nom, nom Portland

Just a few bucks will buy you delicious Ghanaian, Korean or Puerto Rican food from one of more than 500 food carts that dot nearly every neighborhood in the city. Of course, college = pizza, so it’s worth noting 11 pizzerias are slinging pies within ½ mile of campus.





6. Free fun for everyone

Every summer, Portland Parks & Recreation sponsors nearly 80 free concerts and movies in parks across the city. City pools offer free open play swimming and free outdoor fitness classes, too. Also free: a visit to Portland’s Vacuum Museum, a trip to the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium (with a costume), and a stroll down the First Thursday and Last Thursday art walks.




7. We're the city that launched a million Etsy pages

You know who Portland loves? Introverts, geeks, craft fanatics, readers of all kinds, gamers, knitters, picklers, cheesemakers, terrarium enthusiasts, and graphic artists. It rains a lot here, so we admire, aid and abet those who like to spend their time indoors being cozy and creative.




8. We're also the city that launched like a million adventures

Eventually, the sun will come out, and that’s when you and 2.5 million others will put down your craft popsicle sticks, climb out of your comfy jammies, stretch and get all up in nature’s business. Portland boasts more than 152 miles of regional hiking trails. If you’re up for a challenge and a drive you can hike to one of Oregon’s 19 fire lookouts or explore Mt. Hood. Or kayak through Portland on the Willamette River, kite board the Columbia River, raft the Deschutes River or surf the Pacific Ocean.


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