Communications at PSU is Where Interaction Meets Inspiration

From the ways doctors talk with patients to the intricate language of romance, PSU's Department of Communications fosters critical thinking skills, thorough research and instruction to build superb writing that helps students understand how people interact with one another.

With an emphasis on providing students with the skills they need to succeed, the communications program at PSU includes:

  • hands-on research experience
  • training in academic writing
  • complex coursework and electives

Graduating communications majors enter the workforce or graduate school ready to make a lasting impact in a wide variety of fields including business, marketing, technical and creative writing, graphic design, professional research and data analysis and communications work at non-profit organizations both locally and around the globe.

Explore a Degree in Communication at PSU

"I want to help young people become effective leaders," says third year communications major David Zúñiga. "Learning about how people communicate on an interpersonal level will help me make a difference in the lives of young people after I graduate."

David is focusing on interpersonal and group communication, which is just one area students can choose within the degree.

"I get to take classes that are tailored to my interests, and my professors are always eager to recommend electives in other departments—like linguistics or psychology—that could help me grow."

"The professors really make my experience special. Many faculty are experts in their fields and they incorporate their research and background into all that they do."

PSU's Department of Communications also offers an Honors Track. This elevated course of study for third and fourth year students combines complex coursework with the opportunity to perform real-world research with a faculty mentor. This lets students hone their skills and build a strong resume.