Working at the Learning Center

Are you interested in sharing your passion for learning with others?

We are hiring! 

The Learning Center is hiring for the 2020-2021 Academic Year for the following subjects:

  • Math
  • Physics
  • Spanish
  • Statistics

Select the application button below, complete the online form and submit to the Learning Center.

Learning Center front counter imageIf you are interested in a position in a subject that is not currently listed as available, we accept applications for all the subjects we offer throughout the year and hold them until a position becomes available. If a tutor position opens in the subject area you applied for, you may be scheduled for an interview at that time.  Feel free to inquire about the status of your application at anytime.

Minimum qualifications for any tutoring position include: at least one faculty member listed on the application as a reference (from the discipline you wish to tutor);  3.25 minimum cumulative GPA; earned A's or B's in all subjects related to tutoring discipline and a 3.50 overall; and a desire to work with students in a cooperative, encouraging and proactive environment that encourages and support diverse perspectives.  Tutors are students. Undergraduate applicants should be currently enrolled at PSU in a minimum of six credits; graduate applicants, five or more credits. For world languages, applicants must have taken the specifc language courses (e.g. SPAN 203) or have a linguistics background. Native speakers are encouraged to apply only if one of the previous requirements are met. 

Please read the entire application form carefully. Preference is given to students who are engaged with department faculty and/or have previous tutoring, teaching, or mentoring experience. Work study is not required, but can be utilized. Because of the hours required for graduate assistance (GAA, GTA, & GRA) by their perspective departments we are unable to hire graduate assistance as tutors.

If you have additional questions: