Other Tutoring Services

Business Accounting Tutoring: The School of Business is offers tutoring to business students in KMC, room 490. https://www.pdx.edu/sba/business-tutoring. This is a FREE facility for all PSU students who are seeking some tutoring assistance in BA 211, BA 213, BA 303, and ACTG 381. classes. The tutors are all PSU accounting students in their junior or senior years. They are there to help you out, one on one, explaining materials from your chapters or homework ***Spring 2020 TBD

Chemistry Tutoring:  The College of Liberal Arts: Chemistry is offering tutoring in Science Building 1 (SB1), room 221. https://www.pdx.edu/chemistry/tutor-room. ***There will be no Chemistry tutoring from GTAs Spring 2020 term. 

Computer Science: The Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science currently has tutors available for computer science (see https://www.pdx.edu/cecs/tutoring-schedule). Contact MCECS student services in EB Suite 100, https://www.pdx.edu/cecs/tutoring-schedule. ***Spring 2020 TBD

IELP Learning Center: Tutoring services for international student enrolled in the Intensive English Language Program (IELP). The IELP Learning Center is located in University Center Building, room 485. Phone:  503.725.9199 ***Spring 2020 TBD

Economics Tutoring Center: Cramer Hall 230, check schedule at this link:  https://www.pdx.edu/econ/economics-computer-labeconomics-tutoring-hours-...***Spring 2020 TBD

Electrical and Computer Engineering provides free tutoring for 100 and 200-level engineering courses Monday through Friday in the Circuit Lounge, near FAB 85 (lower level). See the ECE website for details. ***ECE will have tutors Spring 2020 starting week 2 via google hangouts. 

Math & Statistics: The Fairiborz Maseeh Department of Mathematics and Statics provides additional tutoring support. Math tutoring is located in FMH 400. Check the Math Tutoring Schedule. Statistics tutoring is located in FMH B127 computer lab. Check the Statistics Tutoring Schedule***There will be no tutoring from GTAs Spring 2020.

Physics Lab: The General Physics Lab offers additional physics help. Check out their schedules for each term on their Lab Schedules page. They are located in SRTC, room 107 (use the door on the west side to access 107) ***Spring 2020 TBD

University Success: This after-hours academic support program in Ondine 207 and King Albert 010 provides PSU students with the following free services: writing support, peer mentoring, resume writing, career and major exploration and transition resources that support academic success. Hours: M-Th 2-10pm, Closed Friday and Saturday, Sunday 5-10pm.   E-mail usuccess@pdx.edu,   503-725-9890. ***USuccess is available Spring 2020 remotely via Zoom and hours are the same as before.

Writing: The Writing Center is open to students and community members. Appointments are necessary for 25- or 50-minute appointments. It is located in Cramer Hall, RM 188.  Feel free to check out the MLA Style Center too. ***The Writing Center is available Spring 2020 remotely. See their website for how to schedule appointments.