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Other Tutoring Services

Business Accounting Tutoring: The School of Business is offers tutoring to business students in UCB, room 486. This is a FREE facility for all PSU students who are seeking some tutoring assistance in BA 211, BA 213, BA 303, and ACTG 381. classes. The tutors are all PSU accounting students in their junior or senior years. They are there to help you out, one on one, explaining materials from your chapters or homework

Chemistry Tutoring:  The College of Liberal Arts: Chemistry is offering tutoring in Science Building 1 (SB1), room 221.

Computer Science: The Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science currently has tutors available for computer science (see Contact MCECS student services in EB Suite 100,

IELP Learning Center: Tutoring services for international student enrolled in the Intensive English Language Program (IELP). The IELP Learning Center is located in University Center Building, room 485. Phone:  503.725.9199

Economics Tutoring Center: Cramer Hall 230, check schedule at this link:

Math and Statistics: Tutoring services will start week 3 of the winter term in the Learning Center, Millar Library room 245.  The Math Tutor Schedule can be found here:
The Statistics Tutor Schedule can be found here:
Or go here for both and select from the menu on the left:

Mechanical and Materials Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering have teamed up to offer course specific and general tutoring for freshman and sophomore level engineering students. Unless noted below, all tutoring will take place in the newly renovated ME/CE Tutoring Center in EB 350. Tutors are available throughout the week to help students with course specific problems and general tutoring questions.

University Success: This after-hours academic support program in Ondine 204 provides PSU students with the following free services: 1) tutoring in certain subjects Sunday nights 5-10 pm, 2) academic coaching for freshmen living in the residence halls, 3) open study hall, and 4) other staff- and faculty-led workshops. E-mail, 503-725-9890.

Writing: The Writing Center is open to students and community members. Appointments are necessary for 25- or 50-minute appointments. It is located in Cramer Hall, RM 188 (  Feel free to check out the MLA Style Center, too: