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Akira Kasai Five-Day Butoh Workshop at PSU, July 26-30
Author: Laura Jundt, Office of Marketing and Communications (503-725-3711)
Posted: July 8, 2005

Portland State University’s Center for Japanese Studies presents a five-Day “Butoh of the Future” workshop. The series begins with exercises designed to transform various physical sensations into dance energy. Students will practice by using their imaginations to create these physical sensations. The training involves the fusion of vocalization, image, breathing and movement.

A free dance recital will be open to the public on July 30 at 7 p.m. at the Imago Theater (17 SE 8th Ave.) with performances by Kasai and students as a culmination of the techniques learned in the “Butoh of the Future” workshop.


Tuesday, July 26–Saturday, July 30, 2005; 2:15–5:20 p.m.

PSU’s Peter Stott Center (930 SW Hall Street), Room 207.


Cost for the workshop is $150. Credit and non-credit options available.

For more information, contact professor Laurence Kominz, workshop organizer and interpreter, at 503-725-5288. To register for the workshop, visit


Akira Kasai, one of the most highly acclaimed Butoh dance performers, artistically integrates elements from both his native Japan and the West. Born in 1943, Akira Kasai originally studied modern dance and classical ballet, but became instantly fascinated by Butoh in 1963 when he met Kazuo Ohno, one of the founders of this dance form. Kasai stopped dancing in 1979 and went to Germany to study eurhythmy and anthroposophy. Six years later he returned to Japan to begin work on his own highly individual style of dance, which prompted his establishment, as the artistic director, of the dance company Ten Shi Kin. “Though Butoh was born in Japan [in 1959], its impulse is international, with the potential to eradicate barriers and discrimination,” said Akira Kasai, who teaches abroad extensively.

"No one dances like him, and nobody can dance like him. The revolution of life takes place in his body."—The Asahi Newspaper, Japan.

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