Helpful PSU Courses

You may want to check out these courses if you would like additional help with skills needed in many other classes.

COMM 220  "Public Speaking" - Research, writing, delivery, and listening skills for oral presentation in a variety of settings, including multicultural. Equal consideration given to speech preparation and delivery with critical thinking, argument forms, and audience analysis emphasized. Issues of speech anxiety addressed.

WR 115  "Introduction to College Writing" - A writing course for first-year students to help prepare them for Freshman Inquiry or Wr 121. Introduces college-level writing and reading, along with general study skills. Provides practice at formal and informal writing, responding to a variety of readings, learning textual conventions, and building confidence.

WR 121  "College Writing" - A writing course for lower-division students, in which they develop critical thinking abilities by reading and writing, increase their rhetorical strategies, practice writing processes, and learn textual conventions. Includes formal and informal writing, responding to a variety of readings, sharing writing with other students, and revising individual pieces for a final portfolio of work.

WR 210  "Grammar Refresher" - Continues the development of the theoretical and practical expertise of the graduate teaching assistant in advanced areas of college composition teaching. May be repeated up to three times for credit. Required prerequisite: appointment to 2nd year teaching assistantship in English Department.

WR 222  "Writing Research Papers" - An elective course. The techniques for compiling and writing research papers. Attention to available reference materials, use of library, taking notes, critical evaluation of evidence, and conventions for documenting academic papers. Practice in organizing and writing a long expository essay based on use of library resources. Recommended: Wr 121 or Freshman Inquiry. May not be used to fulfill English major requirements.