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Certificate in Contemporary Turkish Studies

The certificate may be earned simultaneously with a BA or BS degree, or post-baccalaureate. Requirements for the Certificate in Contemporary Turkish Studies include:

A. Two years of college-level Turkish or equivalent proficiency (24 credits).
B. Adviser-approved area courses. (No specific courses are required; a student may choose from a large number of courses that may be of particular advantage and interest to the student - 28 credits).


28 credits selected from the following list of adviser-approved upper-division courses from two areas of concentration may be used to fulfill the requirements for the certificate. Students may choose to focus in one or the other area: Special courses (399, 410), seminars (407), and other area-related classes, as well as individualized reading and conference courses arranged with instructors may be substituted for specific area courses listed below. All such courses must be pre-approved by your adviser.
Please direct all questions to the International Studies Program Advisor at or (503)725-3455 or (503)725-3257

History and Political Economy:
CR 410 Neighbors and Enemies: Cyprus, Greece, Turkey (4) - Harry Anastasiou
Study Abroad: Cyprus in Transition: Conflict Transformation in Ethically Divided Cyprus (summer term), (4) - Harry Anastasiou and Birol Yesilada

HST 485 The Ottoman World (4) - Jim Grehan
HST 486 Modern Turkey (4) - Jim Grehan or Laura Robson
HST 385 Modern Middle East I (4) - Jim Grehan or Laura Robson
HST 386 Modern Middle East II (4) - Jim Grehan or Laura Robson
HST495 Islam and Modernity (4) - Jim Grehan
INTL 247 Middle East Studies (4) - Tugrul Keskin or Jim Grehan
INTL 407 Sem: Globalization and Islam (4) - Tugrul Keskin
INTL 410 Islamic Movements (4) - Tugrul Keskin
PS /INTL 460 Political Development in Modern Turkey (4) - Birol Yesilada
PS/INTL 461 Economic Development in Modern Turkey (4) - Birol Yesilada
PS/INTL 452 European Union (4) - Birol Yesilada
PS 454 International Political Economy (4) - Birol Yesilada
SOC 483U Sociology of the Middle East (4) - Tugrul Keskin

Language and Culture:
ARH 457 Byzantine Art (4) - Anne McClanan
FL/Intl 331U Women in the Middle East (4) – Pelin Basci
TUR 330U Topics in Turkish Culture: Popular Culture – Pelin Basci
TUR 331U Women and Gender in Turkey (4) - Pelin Basci
TUR 341U Turkish Literature in Translation (4)
TUR 361U Turkey through Film (4) - Pelin Basci
TUR 399 SPST: Turkish Topics (Credit TBA) - Pelin Basci
TUR 401 Research (4) - Pelin Basci
TUR 404 Cooperative Education/Internship (4) - Pelin Basci
TUR 410 Selected Topics (Credit TBA)
TUR 416 Readings in Turkish (2) - Pelin Basci