Robertson Life Sciences Building

State of the art research facility

The Robertson Life Sciences Building is an LEED certified research center located in the South Waterfront. The building offers combined educational resources for the PSU and OHSU communities, in addition to a brand new bike garage facility that is available to students, faculty, and staff.


The RLSB is located at 2730 SW Moody Ave (approximately 3/4 of a mile from the PSU Main Campus). 

Lectures offered in RLSB have a start time that is offset 15 minutes from the common PSU Time Grid to allow students to accommodate for travel time.

Parking options at RLSB are limited, so we strongly suggest taking transit, walking, or biking as preferred choices for accessing the building. 

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Directions to RLSB

By Bike

Biking: 5-7 minutes

  • Head east on SW Harrison St (shared roadway)
  • Continue onto SW River Pkwy (bike lanes)
  • Turn right onto Harbor Trail (bike & pedestrian trail) or continue on SW River Pkwy and turn right on SW Moody (bike lanes)
  • Cross SW Sheriden St and continue south on SW Moody Ave (cycle track/sidewalk)
  • RLSB will be on your left
By Transit

Portland Streetcar: 7-10 min. (not including wait time)

Students may ride the Streetcar at no direct cost. Your PSU ID card is valid fare.

  • Board at PSU Streetcar stops:
    • SW Market & Park (Stop ID# 11011)
    • SW 5th & Montgomery (Stop ID# 10763)
    • SW Harrison & 3rd (Stop ID# 12375)
  • Get off at SW Moody & Meade (Stop ID# 13601)
  • Cross SW Moody St. to RLSB

MAX Light Rail: 6-9 min. (not including wait time)

A valid TriMet fare is required to ride the MAX Light Rail. PSU offers discounted TriMet passes for students, valid each academic quarter.

  • Board at MAX Light Rail stops
    • SW 5th & Mill (Stop ID# 7618)
    • SW 5th & Jackson (Stop ID# 7606)
    • SW Lincoln & 3rd (Stop ID# 13729)
  • Get off at SW Moody & S. Waterfront (Stop ID# 13711)

TriMet Bus Service: time varies, fare required

RLSB is served by TriMet bus lines #9, #17, #35 & #36.

By Car

Driving: time will vary depending on traffic

The RLSB Parking Garage is operated by OHSU Transportation & Parking Services.

  • Parking garage entrance is on SW Meade St
  • Limited permit parking available (must purchase in advance; contact PSU Transportation & Parking Services)
  • Hourly & Visitor parking available ($4/hr or $22/day)
  • No Motorcycle Parking at this location

CPSO Safe Ride Escort Program

Any PSU student or employee may contact CPSO to request a safe ride escort back to the main campus after Portland Streetcar stops running for the day. Please call 503-725-4407 to make a request.