Montgomery Pop-Up Plaza

An extra 16 days!

With the success of the Pop-Up Plaza in the month of May, we're happy to announce that we will be keeping it in place for the remainder of the quarter! We're keeping it's current format until June 16th and thank the Portland Bureau of Transportation for the help that they've provided in making this possible.

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Montgomery Pop-Up Plaza

We will be closing Montgomery Street between 6th and Broadway for the month of May 2019 and transform this space into an outdoor campus public space for everyone to enjoy. Our goals for the pop-up plaza are to explore the street’s potential as active campus and community space to create a successful precedent that will support the efforts to permanently close the street, and to gather feedback from the PSU community during and after the closure to evaluate the feasibility of and desire for a permanent street closure.

The planning team is led by Julia Michel of Campus Planning and Clint Culpepper of Transportation & Parking. Ellen Shoshkes, USP faculty, is helping plan programming to activate the space. We are reaching out to faculty, staff and students to encourage them to take advantage of this block as a venue for events they may already be planning for May, or to develop ideas for new activities or temporary installations that delight, inspire, educate and amaze. This is a great opportunity for members of the PSU community to engage with the public realm and make this underutilized street at the heart of our campus into a more welcoming and inclusive place.  

Activities & Events

For more information about planning an activity or event contact Ellen Shoshkes at