Research Areas

Future Projects (start Fall 2017)

- Modeling the Logistics and Sustainability Tradeoffs of Commercial Vehicle Technologies. PI: Miguel Figliozzi

- Modeling the Economics and Logistic Implications of UAV(drone) Deliveries.  PI: Miguel Figliozzi

 Best Practices for Installation of Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons, PI: Chris Monsere, CoPI: Miguel Figliozzi, Sirisha Kothuri 

 Improving Integration of Transit Operations and Bicycle Infrastructure at the Stop-Level, PI: Chris Monsere, CoPI: Miguel Figliozzi 

Ongoing Projects

- Algoritihms for Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problems. PI: Miguel Figliozzi

- Modeling and Optimization of Freight Parking Policies in Congested Downtown Areas, PI: Miguel Figliozzi

- Compliance and Surrogate Safety Measures for Uncontrolled Crosswalk Crossings in Oregon, PI: Miguel Figliozzi, CoPI: Avinash Unnikrishnan

- A Method to Estimate Average Annual Daily Traffic for Minor Facilities for MAP-21 Reporting and Statewide Safety Analysis, PI: Avinash Unnikrishnan, CoPI: Miguel Figliozzi 

- Modeling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) Environmental and Logistics Impacts.  PI: Miguel Figliozzi

Recently Completed Projects

- New Tools and Data to Evaluate Roadway Reallocation Projects. PI: Miguel Figliozzi

- Investigation of Bicycle and Pedestrian Continuous and Short Duration Count Technologies in Oregon, PI: Krista Nordback, CoPI: Miguel Figliozzi

- Exploiting New Data Sources to Quantify Arterial Congestion and Performance Measures, PI: Miguel Figliozzi, CoPI: Robert Bertini

- Evaluating the Use of Crowdsourcing as a Data Collection Method for Bicycle Performance Measures and Identification of Facility Improvement Needs, PI: Miguel Figliozzi

- Understanding Cyclist-Vehicle Interaction via Analysis of Ego-centric Video. PI: Feng Liu, CoPIs: Wu-chi Feng, Miguel Figliozzi 

- Safety Effectiveness of Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements, PI: Chris Monsere, CoPI: Miguel Figliozzi 

- Measuring the Sustainability of Alternative Freight Delivery Systems. PI: Miguel Figliozzi, Javier Faulin

Research Areas

Optimization of Freight and Logistics (papers 

Optimization, Networks, Urban Distribution, Routing Problems, Freight and Livability, Parking

New Vehicle Technologies (papers)

Evaluation and Modeling of New Engine Technologies (electric) and Vehicles.

Public Transportation Operations and Traffic Signal Systems (papers)

Modeling Transit Operations and Evaluation of Transit/Signal System Performance

Active Transportation Modes (papers)

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety, Design of Counting Systems, Safety Evaluations

Emissions and Air Quality (papers)

Emissions and Air Quality modeling 

Research Partners

METRO (Portland regional goverment)

NSF (National Science Foundation)

NITC (National Institute for Transportation and Communities)

ODEQ (Oregon Department of Environmental Quality)

ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation)

OTREC (Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium)

PBOT (City of Portland Bureau of Transportation)

TriMet (Portland region public transit)