Privacy Policy

Can I control what data is shared? 

Yes, the user controls what data and how much data is shared. The user selects when and for what rides GPS data can be collected. The user selects the beginning and end of the ride. Only GPS data can be automatically collected and only after the user selects “Start Trip.”  GPS data is then collected only until the user selects “Finish” trip. Users also have the option to submit “Reports”, i.e. information (photos and/or text) describing crashes as well as safety or infrastructure issues (e.g. bicycle lane ends abruptly) or facility improvements (e.g. potholes).  In addition, users also have the option to submit additional information about the trip (e.g. comfort level) and user characteristics (e.g. age bracket). 

Can I see my data?

Yes, you can see the route data and report data that you have submitted using the “Trips”, “Reports” and “User” screens. No other user can see your data or reports.

Am I expected to sign up for anything? 

No, all we ask is that you use the app whenever you are willing to safely share trip or safety or crash data. A user email address is optional and it is only collected so that the user can later receive updates or access a website to see aggregated data. Emails will not be used for spam or commercial purposes. 

What happens with the information being collected? 

TTP lab researchers will combine your data, trips, reports and feedback with the data, routes and feedback of other users. We will statistically analyze all the responses and present summary results in reports/maps/aggregated databases to the Oregon Department of Transportation. 

The goal of ORcycle and the TTP lab is to advance active transportation research and to help transportation agencies better plan for transportation infrastructure. See FAQ for more information about the app data utilization. TTP lab researchers may use the ORcycle data to carry out research projects or publish scientific papers in academic transportation journals. Information collected and shared will never identify you as an individual. Data will not be used for commercial purposes. 

Is my data secure?  

The data collected using ORcycle are sent to a secure server (access to data is password protected) at the Portland State University Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science (where the TTP lab is housed). Each TTP lab member involved in the ORcycle project signs a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement and must follow PSU’s Institutional Review Board Office of Research Integrity policies. However, since the Internet is not a 100% secure environment we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information that you transmit to us or that is stored in our servers.

Is my data and privacy protected?  

The app does not ask for a name or address. A user email address is optional and it is only collected so that the user can later receive updates or access a website to see aggregated data. The TTP lab members follow the approved Portland State University (PSU) policies regarding ORcycle data collection or use of identifiable private information. Federal law and PSU policy provide specific guidance protecting identifiable research information. To read more about PSU Institutional Review Board Office of Research Integrity policies go to this website.  

When sharing data with transportation agencies or researchers outside the TTP lab it will not be possible to link your personal (user) data with your trips or reports; information shared will not identify you as an individual.

The user controls what data and how much data is shared: do not share trips or personal data that you do not want to be used for research purposes or shared with transportation agencies. Data of individuals will be shared if required by law, supboena or other legal process.  Only aggregated data regarding safety markers or routes will be shared with ODOT or other public transportation agencies. For example, data sharing can involve a list of locations with safety problems, a map with most heavily utilized routes or safety hot-spots, or statistics about users (e.g. % of females and % of males using the app). 


Email TTPlab for general inquiries. To provide feedback about the app: open the ORcycle app and press the "Send feedback" text in the User screen.

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