Help make Oregon a SAFER place to BIKE !

With the latest update ORcycle users have the option to voluntarily send safety reports directly to Ask ODOT Citizens Representative Office. Ask ODOT will send the safety report to the appropriate ODOT District or, if the issue is not located on a state facility, to the local road authorities.  There are several options to describe the type of safety problem, from "pavement condition" to "high traffic speed". Users can also upload photographs that will be sent directly to ODOT.  The app follows a strict privacy policy and users have total control over that the data they share. 

See maps with user routes and safety/crash reports

Hundreds of users across Oregon have shared their route data and uploaded hundreds of crash, near-miss, and safety reports. For a better and faster experience we recommend you use Google Chrome. The route map has millions of GPS coordinates and it may take a few seconds to upload for Region 1 (depending on the connection speed). Click on the links to see the route map and the report map. Trip beginnings and ends have been removed to protect users' privacy. 

Provide feedback to better design bicycle facilities (read data analysis)  

Transportation planners have had not enough data about the Oregon's cycling population and their routes. Further, there has been no systematic way to receive feedback regarding comfort, safety, or infrastructure issues. The ORcycle application has been designed in conjunction with ODOT to be used by transportation planners to better design or upgrade bicycle facilities. You can read about efforts to model how bicycle facilities and route stressors affect cyclists' comfort levels Modeling the Impacts of Facility Type, Trip Characteristics, and Trip Stressors on Cyclists’ Comfort Levels.pdf.  

How to get ORcycle

The app can be downloaded from GooglePlay (Android) and Apple's iTunes (iOS).

- How to use the app?

. Instructions for Android

. Instructions for iOS

- ORcycle Privacy policy

- Frequently Asked Questions

ORcycle will let you record your bicycle trips, display maps of your rides, and provide feedback regarding crashes, safety, or infrastructure issues. Please do note that ODOT and local road jurisdictions are now officially reviewing safety reports but not crash reports; read more about reporting here

To get more information about ORcycle go to the FAQ page.  You can provide feedback or ask a question by opening the app and going to the bottom of the ORcycle User screen.


Email TTPlab for general inquiries. To provide feedback about the app: open the ORcycle app and use the feedback box in the User screen.

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