The TTP lab hardware and equipment are housed in the Engineering Building Room in EB 390; the lab houses advanced traffic, emissions monitoring, and surveying sensors, equipment, and instruments. 

Hardware includes:

  • devices to measure speed (Ultralyte Lidar Gun), counts (Autoscope Rackvision, Wavetronix SmartSensor HD125, non-intrusive Bicycle and Pedestrian infrared counters, simple road tubes)
  • sensors and equipment to measure traffic pollution (DustTrak DRX Desktop Aerosol, Langan Model L26n CO2, Langan Model T15n CO Measurer ) and weather conditions (RM Young 3-D Anemometer RM Young T/RH Model 43502)
  • high precision surveying equipment including total stations and single person roving GPS data collector
  • state of the art video cameras with multiple data input streams   

Data collected by the instruments in this lab allow us to study the impacts of traffic on emissions and exposure levels as they relate to urban livability - specifically urban mobility, transportation and public health.

The PPT lab group is also part of the ITS group and has access to the PORTAL data system. PORTAL (Portland Oregon Regional Transportation Archive Listing, founded by Dr. Robert Bertini, maintains an extensive archive of near real-time high-level transportation activity in the Portland, OR metropolitan region. This archive includes volume and speed observations from area freeways at 20-second intervals, actual signal and phase time information from 400 traffic signals, volume counts from arterial stations, hourly weather observations, incident dispatch logs, variable message sign logs,  and stop-level transit activity.


Please contact us using this link: TTPlab.