App Development

ORcycle, Copyright 2014, 2015, PSU Transportation, Technology, and People Lab. ORcycle was developed by the TTP lab with a research grant from Oregon Department of Transporation (ODOT) Research Office.

Development of the ORcycle app is an ongoing project led by Dr. Miguel A. Figliozzi and supported by these members of the TTP reserarch group: Bryan Blanc (Civil and Environmetal Engineering), Bikram Maharjam (Computer Science) and Robin Murray (Computer Science). More info about the development team and TTP lab members can be found here

Some parts of ORcycle are based on the CycleTracks app originally developed for the San Francisco Country Transportation Authority, the Cycle Atlanta app and the Reno Tracks app.

NOTE: ORcycle has introduced new app features and a new safety focus. New features include: utilization reminders, an app tutorial, safety reports, crash event reports, cyclist profile questions/answers, and new after trip questions/answers (besides trip purpose),  layout, format and color scheme. These new features (including new questions and answers text) are copyright protected.

Please contact Dr. Figliozzi for general inquiries. To provide feedback about the app (IOS or Android versions) download the app and provide feedback using the box at the bottom of the USER screen.


Email TTPlab for general inquiries. To provide feedback about the app: open the ORcycle app and press the "Send feedback" text in the User screen.

© 2015 PSU TTP-Lab. All rights reserved.