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The TNP was established in April 2000.  Students come to study for three terms: Spring, Summer and Fall, with the option to stay Winter (if they have a 527 TOEFL and wish to pay an additional fee).  The TNP is organized around its signature "theme courses."  These courses compare Asian and American societies under two sub-themes: "Globalization & Identity" and "Tradition & Innovation."  The "theme courses" are part of the University Studies curriclum at PSU and are filled with regular PSU students.

The TNP requires students to take 8 credits of Academic English per term, which serves as a "bridge" for the theme and elective classes that students take.  Dedicated faculty anticipate the skills you need and reinforce the content.

Students with qualifying TOEFL scores may also take regular PSU electives.  There is no program restriction on what electives may be taken.  However, PSU departments may put restrictions (major, class standing, matriculation) on the elective courses.

Students are also invited to take "Community-Based Learning" classes at Portland State University.  These classes help students learn more about Americans and American society.