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Who we advise

The Design, Creativity, and Performance Pathway provides students with the opportunity to explore the many diverse ways to engage in a creative life. Students will be immersed in an environment of creative inspiration, interaction and study. They will develop their craft by building skills and techniques to deepen their engagement with their individual artistic practices.

Majors include: Architecture, Art Practice, Art History, Graphic Design, Film, Music, Theater Arts, and exploratory students.

*NOTE: Until further notice, advisors are working completely remotely. Your advisor will reach out to you by phone at the number that you provided in your YouCanBookMe appointment request.


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All students in this Pathway, including exploratory majors, are assigned to their advisor based on the last two digits of the PSU ID number. You are welcomed to make an appointment with any advisor who has availability. We recommend that you see the same person consistently whenever possible. 

Staci Kiker -- Last two digits of ID number 00-24
Contact: Email or voicemail (503) 725-2211
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Ian McCallum--Last two digits of ID number 25-49
Contact: Email or voicemail (503) 725-3353
To schedule an appointment:

Paloma Harrison--Last two digits of ID number 50-74
Contact: Email or voicemail (503) 725-8043
To schedule an appointment: 

Marie Fiorillo--Last two digits of ID number 75-99 
Contact: Email or voicemail (503) 725-3352
To schedule an appointment: 

Kristine Evans--Students majoring in Graphic Design, Art Practice & Art History (any ID number)
Contact: Email or voicemail (503) 725-3310
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Anna Law--Pathway Director
Contact: Email or voicemail (503) 725-3402