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Spotlight on Michael Sweney
Spotlight on Michael Sweney

What do you get when you cross an ordained Buddhist monk with a mathematics wizard who specializes in the rarefied mathematical field of cellular automata (CA)? If you look closely, you’ll see an ARR Articulation Specialist with a master’s degree in philosophy and a vast collection of civil rights tomes.

The resume of Michael Sweney is as rich and intellectual as the monastic Asian lifestyle that fed his creative and spiritual appetite and includes graduating from the University of Oklahoma and living in a Buddhist monastery in Korea. His wavy grey hair belies the energy and self-discipline that fueled his ultramarathons. (An ultra marathon is a 50-mile endurance race.)

Michael's a purist who revels in mathematics' complexity and nature's beauty. He has been a valued and trusted colleague in ARR for 18 years. Michael thrives on the puzzles of articulation. When he's not correcting an international CA formulaic problem to the dismay of a Ph.D. mathematician, he is one of ARR's resident experts in the area of transfer articulation. Michael plays a critical part in developing the automated transfer credit system used in the DARS and systems. His peers recognize him at the state level as a leader in high school credential evaluation and transfer articulation, serving on numerous committees and workgroups. He is welcomed as a presenter and educator of others who work with educational transcript evaluation.

Michael is not only known for his high level of expertise and dedication to serving students, faculty and colleagues, he is beloved as a witty, humble and engaged colleague who values social justice and the importance of education. He and his wife, Phyllis, are avid readers and naturalists.

Like the complexity of fine wine, you'll want to know this man of depth and diverse talent. Meet him in NH 104. He will most certainly welcome you with a twinkle of the eye and sincere smile.