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Melia Hadidian Tichenor
Melia Hadidian Tichenor

Role:  Coordinator, Student Community Engagement Center

Melia Hadidian Tichenor has been working in the volunteer management world in Portland for over a decade, specializing in bringing learning experiences into the service environment and supporting students in finding, co-creating, and/or leading community engagement efforts that align with their interests and passions. Melia completed her Masters degree in Postsecondary Adult and Continuing Education (PACE) and a Service-Learning Graduate Certificate through PSU’s Graduate School of Education and has been a Certified Volunteer Administrator (CVA) since 2014.

Prior to coming to Portland State, she spent eight years at Hands On Greater Portland, working to support hundreds of Hands On's nonprofit partners in developing a wide array of episodic and ongoing volunteer projects. In addition to her work with Hands On's nonprofit partners, she ran the Hands On Greater Portland TeamWorks program, which brought together teams of 10-12 community members to explore specific issue area or neighborhood through the lens of service learning and experiential education. Melia has taken her volunteer management experience abroad to Armenia, where she served for four months as a volunteer consultant and trainer to the staff at Birthright Armenia, a program designed to connect young diasporan Armenians to their cultural and ancestral roots through volunteer positions in the Armenian homeland. In addition to her role as Coordinator of the Student Community Engagement Center, Melia serves as a volunteer management trainer and board member with the Northwest Oregon Volunteer Administrators Association (NOVAA).

In her free time, Melia enjoys daily bike commuting and summertime bike tours, sunny Gorge hikes, international travel when budget and time allow, photo-taking, mandolin-plucking, and spending time with those she loves.