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Meet Michael Jantzen
Meet Michael Jantzen


Michael works in Computing Infrastructure Services making packages for SCCM (Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager). He modifies installers, write scripts and does whatever it takes to automate the installation of a computer program - or upgrading a computer program. Most all of the programs on the lab machines, and desktops around campus are configured this way.

Before joining Portland State University he was the Instructional Computer Labs manager at Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC). Before SWOCC  he was the Tier 3 support specialist at Adobe Systems for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe FrameMaker where he performed enterprise escalations, support management and worked on training and documentation. He also helped write the specification for the Creative Suite 3 installer silent installation mode, and wrote feature requests and specification for Adobe Customization Wizard (enterprise installation tool for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader).

Michael enjoys riding his bike, his Xootr scooter and riding his motorcycle (basically anything with two wheels is his friend).


Contact Michael Jantzen

Phone: (503) 725-9156
Office: UTS 601