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John Cooney
John Cooney
Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Architecture

Shattuck Hall 235

Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 2000
Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Portland, 1988

John Cooney is a registered architect and presently the Architectural Design Principal at Climate Architecture + Landscape, LLC.  Climate is a multi-disciplinary practice focusing on the built environment and its surrounding landscape.  He divides his time between practice and teaching Architectural Design at Portland State University. 

John directs his private practice and his studio courses with the same intent.  His philosophy simply revolves around a belief that architects are in a position to enrich the world around them.  John is a proponent of hands on experimentation and research based architectural education.  He encourages teammates and students meld site driven and technical reality with poetic and philosophical ambition.  In studio, John encourages students to clarify their goals and push the boundaries of visual architectural communication and in practice he uses the same tactics to reveal the underlying potential in projects to clients and community partners.

John advocates for architects to take more risks and control more of the building process.  Presently, Climate has focused attention on single and multifamily residential projects.  The Light-Living house in Baltimore, Maryland won numerous architectural awards for innovations with natural light and sustainable rehabilitation, while maintaining a return on investment at higher rates than industry standards.   

Louis Kahn asked the brick what it wanted to be.  John is asking the same question of wood, and is undertaking a pursuit to fully honor the material's role in contemporary architecture.  His current research reflects his upbringing in the Pacific Northwest on a small woodlands farm.  Presently, he is working on a prototype house that will allow the local small woodland farmer to increase their presence in the housing market.  The hope is to create a market that is focused on local, quality products for the consumer.   

Prior to starting Climate Architecture + Landscape, LLC, John lived in Manhattan and was an associate atWeiss/Manfredi architects, WNBA and Studio Intamuros where he worked on projects of various scales and architectural typologies.  He has experience working on large scale research institutions  and transportation projects, high profile design competitions , and was able to design a landscape addition to a residential project by Louis Khan (a significant honor for the proud University of Pennsylvania graduate).