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J.J. Vazquez
J.J. Vazquez

J. J. Vazquez
Office: LH 143D

J.J. Vazquez has directed and produced award-winning independent film projects in both fiction and non-fiction, and is a film educator.

J.J. served for four years in the U.S. Army National Guard and had planned to become a professor of military history after his discharge. One day a friend asked him to fill in as a production assistant on a video shoot. That experience sparked his interest in television and film and what began as a favor turned into a deep passion and a new career path.

Some of his most recent work includes DRAGON BALL Z: LIGHT OF HOPE (2015), which has over 30 million views; THE SHADOW HOURS (2016); POWER RANGERS: SHATTERED GRID (2018), and THE RUN (2022). He works with small businesses and production companies to produce media through his company Locomotion Pictures.

J.J. earned his MFA degree in Television, Film and Theater Production from Cal State LA, where he earned honors for his academic achievements, and served as a mentor to students.