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Al Yucker
Al Yucker

Role: Senior Accountant of Student Activities and Leadership Programs.

Education: Beaverton High School, Portland Community College and Graduated from PSU March 18, 2000.

Experience: Al worked for Kindercare corporate accounting and Intel corporate asset accounting after college. Then, he took two years off to explore and experience the world. He has worked at PSU as an accountant for SALP since February 14, 2004.

Interests: Hockey, hockey and hockey. The whole SALP family. English Premiere League soccer, cooking, traveling, skiing, driving on snow, playing in the snow, playing on ice for that matter, gardening, 80’s metal, fishing, restoring old pinball machines, and making perfect lines on my lawn with my lawn mower.

Dislikes: Temperatures over 50 degrees except when in paradise like Bora Bora, St. Lucia, British Virgin Islands, or any Sandals resorts.

Contact Info:; 503-725-5650