AB 60: Collective Synthesis - 2020 BFA Art Practice Showcase
Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 5:00pm to Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - 5:00pm
AB 60: Collective Synthesis - 2020 BFA Art Practice Showcase

AB 60: Collective Synthesis, the 2020 Art Practice BFA Showcase, features the work of fifteen outstanding students. The exhibit’s title honors AB 60, the name of the studio workspace where these students developed much of their work and bonded deeply as a group of emerging artists prior to the pandemic. The cohort proudly presents the best of their work together during these extraordinary times in the School of Art + Design. This season’s exhibition will feature each of the graduating students and their work on the new Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (JSMA) website and affiliated social media sites (@psu_museum_of_art on Instagram or Facebook.) 

Beginning on May 28, 2020 look for daily features of individual students along with a free PDF download of an exceptional group catalog designed and produced by graphic design students from PSU’s A+D Projects.

Linnea Abernethy, Jonathon Baker, Noah Chavkin, Katie Costa, Lisa Eastteam, E, Anna Girdner, Andrea Gochez-Wilson, April Kim, Kelly Madden, Petrichor Parker, Becx Shipper, Mary Skidmore, Holden St.Aubyn, and Eleanore Warner

View the online Exhibition starting May 28 at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at PSU

For more, you can also follow the JSMA at PSU on social media


Cover mage: Group photo of the class of 2020 Art Practice BFA students during a virtual class meeting in May.
(From L-R/T-B: Holden, Becx, Linnea, Eleanore, Jonathan, Mary, Andrea, Katie, Noah, Anna, Petrichor, April, Lisa, E, Kelly.)