Research Geospatial Processing

Office of Information Technology

Research Geospatial Processing

Service description

OIT provides access to geospatial processing systems for serving online maps, hosting WMS and WFS services, and computational and data intensive geospatial processing. OIT supports long-term, production map hosting in ArcGIS Online.

Service details

  • ArcGIS for Server is the Geospatial server providing maps serving, WMS, WFS REST services. The current version is 10.4.1. 
  • ArcGIS Portal for Server is the user web interface for hosting infrastructure. This provides a local “cloud” service similar to ArcGIS Online. (Available in test only)
  • ArcGIS DataStore is the service for storing GIS data. This can be used in conjunction with Portal for Server. (Available in test only)


This service is available to the following groups:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff