OIT Departments

Office of Information Technology


Academic and Technology Services

Academic and Technology Services (ATS) facilitates the use and understanding of technology to connect the PSU campus to the best IT solutions. Our support teams are the first stop for tens of thousands of campus community members in need of technology assistance each year. The majority of the ATS teams are support-oriented, and we have specialized teams that work on the design, planning, deployment, and administration of core academic platforms, numerous business-unit specific applications, and all of the technology-enhanced learning classrooms and labs on campus. ATS consists of the University’s:

  • Central Helpdesk
  • Desktop Services
  • Academic & Business Application Services
  • Computer Labs and Classrooms
  • AV Services
  • AV Event Services
  • IT Accessibility
  • IT Content and Communications

CIO Administrative Office

The CIO Administrative Office provides overarching strategic planning, communication, reception, administration, human resource management, and fiscal resource planning for all of OIT.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions (ES) supports the University's enterprise application, integration, and data management needs, including:

  • Banner information system, which serves the administrative needs of all students and employees.
  • Business intelligence solutions, such as reports and dashboards-based data extracted from enterprise systems and managed in a data warehouse called DataMASTER. 
  • Electronic Content Management (OnBase) solution, including e-forms and workflow.
  • Customer Relations Management (Talisma) solution, which tracks student communications.
  • Web and Mobile solutions, which include custom-built solutions that interface with other enterprise solutions.
  • Data Integrations/Interface support.
  • Enterprise Architecture. 
  • Project and Portfolio Management.

Information Security

Information Security (SEC) partners with OIT and other institutional stakeholders to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of PSU information. SEC coordinates the University’s information security program, provides 24x7 incident response services, identifies computer system vulnerabilities, and alerts and advises University users of technological threats. It also establishes policies and procedures for the prevention, identification, analysis, and mitigation of security risks.

Technology Infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure (TI) is responsible for the computing and network infrastructure used by faculty, staff, and students campus-wide. Our mission is to champion customer satisfaction by providing fast, reliable, and secure IT infrastructure and services. TI teams architect, build, and maintain PSU’s:

  • Data centers and cloud infrastructure
  • Enterprise network and WiFi
  • Server and storage hardware
  • Server and client operating systems
  • Enterprise databases and middleware systems
  • Research computing platforms and tools
  • Telecommunications systems and cable plant
  • Identity and access management
  • Utility applications

Services provided by TI include Odin computer account management and authentication, Google Workspace, web hosting, file and print, server hosting, a high performance compute cluster, phone moves/adds/changes, infrastructure support for enterprise applications like Banner, and more. TI is also responsible for IT disaster recovery planning and ensuring that PSU’s critical data is not lost in the event of a major disaster.