Introducing PSU Class Time in Google Calendar

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Last week we launched PSU Class Time, a new feature of your Google Calendar at PSU, that will display the courses students are enrolled in and instructors are assigned to teach. 

PSU Class Time for students

Your class times will automatically appear in your main PSU Google Calendar, found at, for every course you are actively enrolled in for the current term.

  • Your instructor may use these calendar events to share important information such as course materials, meeting room changes, web conferencing information, D2L links, and so on.
  • Your instructor owns the calendar events, and can make changes or delete them.
  • You can make changes in the description portion of each calendar event, but the changes will only affect your copy. If your instructor makes changes to the event, they will overwrite your changes.


Google Calendar with PSU Class Time

Instructors have two views of PSU Class Time events

As the instructor, you own the PSU Class Time events, and will see them in two different calendar views:

  1. In a new, separate PSU Classes calendar view, you will see the events as the owner. This is the view you will use to manage events for your class.
  2. In your main, Personal calendar view, you will see the events listed as your students see them, because you are also a member of the Google Group automatically created for each course.

So that you don’t have to view each calendar event twice, we recommend that you hide the PSU Classes calendar view unless you would like to make changes to those events for your entire class. You can find this calendar under the My calendars list in your PSU Google Calendar, found at Toggle your view of the PSU Classes calendar events by clearing or selecting the check box next to its name.

Changes you make to events in your PSU Classes calendar will automatically be reflected on your students’ calendars. This means that if you delete an event, an email will be sent to your students to notify them that the event has been cancelled.

For further instructions on how to manage these calendar events, please visit the PSU Help Center article: PSU Class Time in Google Calendar.


Share your feedback

We will be continuing to improve PSU Class Time throughout the next few terms. We’d love to hear from you how these calendar events could work better for you. Please send feedback via the PSU Class Time feedback form and help us improve this new tool.

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