SYSE Faculty

We work big and small projects using systems engineering on contracts and grants, performing research and solving problems, and writing articles and textbooks. We are practicing systems engineers. We teach what we practice.

The systems engineering program at Portland State University involves a distributed faculty. PSU regular faculty participate as well as adjunct faculty who are experts in their area of systems engineering. Instructors and advisors for your cohort will include specialists appropriate for you and your sponsor's interests.


Dr. Herman Migliore                                                 

Director, Systems Engineering Program                                                              

B.M.E., 1968, University of Detroit
M.Engr., 1969, University of Detroit
D.Engr., 1975, University of Detroit

Dr. Migliore has 45 years in engineering education. Over that period of time, he has worked closely with industry and government to provide students with relevant curriculum including a variety of real engineering projects. Dr. Migliore is Associate Dean Emeritus of Engineering and current Director of Systems Engineering.
Herm's Short Resume 


Prof. Ike Eisenhauer

Adjunct Associate Professor of Systems Engineering                                            

B.S.M.E., 1994, Portland State University
M.Engr., 2003, Portland State University
PhD Candidate, System Science, Portland State University

Ike is now Consulting Director for Corios, He was the acting Executive Director of the Office of Systems Reliability and Consultation for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - Veterans Health Administration. His work focused on the integration of Systems and Industrial Engineering into the improvement activities of the largest healthcare delivery system in the United States. Prior to joining the DVA, Ike held positions at Wells Fargo in Risk and Loss Management and Equity Operations.
He is an industry consultant in the areas of healthcare systems engineering, risk and
uncertainty management, executive decision-making, and benchmarking. Ike is also
the Healthcare Systems Engineering columnist for Industrial Engineering,a publication
of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. For more details about Ike's background, see
his Home Page.


Dr. Gary Langford

Adjunct Professor of Systems Engineering

A.B., 1969, University of California, Berkeley
M.S., 1971, California State College, Hayward
PhD, 2013, University of South Australia

Professor Langford has taught systems engineering at the Stanford University,
the Naval Postgraduate School, and the National University of Singapore. Dr. Langford
has 40 years in systems engineering and systems engineering management, finance,
corporate management, and experimental physics. He has advised more than 50 master's
theses, several PhD dissertations,and more than 200 masters projects.  He was founder
and president of 5 corporations, one NASDAQ, three venture capital funded.  He was a
NASA Ames Research Fellow.  Dr. Langford is the chair of the Lifecycle Management Working
Group for the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and an academic
reviewer for articles in the Systems Engineering Journal, the IEEE System of Systems Journal,
and Mechatronics, and a book reviewer for the American Sociology Association. Dr Langford's
research lines, textbooks, and publications are in systems integration and emergence. 


Dr. Timothy Anderson

Chair and Assoc Professor of Engineering & Technology Management                                                   


B.S., 1990, University of Minnesota
M.S., 1992, Georgia Institute of Technology
Ph.D., 1995, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Timothy Anderson has been a member of the Portland State University Engineering and Technology Management Program Faculty since 1995. Dr. Anderson's research interests include: Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), productivity management, benchmarking, manufacturing management, engineering economy, and operations research.


Dr. Wayne Wakeland

Chair and Associate Professor of System Science

B.S., 1973, Harvey Mudd
M.Engr, 1973, Harvey Mudd
Ph.D., 1977, Portland State University


Dr Wakeland's research interests include ecological economics and sustainability,
health systems policy, biomedical dynamics, the software development process,
criminal justice systems, supply chain management, organizational dynamics and
systems thinking, simulation & optimization methods, and teaching. The simulation
languages he uses include Vensim, Netlogo, Arena, Extend, ProModel, and STELLA.