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SYSE Courses

Oldest online systems engineering masters degree. Accredited by WASC. Rigorous comprehensive courses supporting relevant capstone projects.

An anywhere, anytime, distance-learning environment:
Systems Engineering Online Learning Environment

Course Administration ---Lecture Material on D2L course management system, HW, Exams, Threaded Discussions, Student-to-Student interaction and Student-to-Instructor/Assistants interactions using email <>

Reading Materials ----D2L Learning Modules, Links to Handbooks and Articles. Often a textbook

Student Questions-----Faculty and Teaching Assistants available by email <> and threaded discussions

Class Interactive Sessions----Google Hangout (chat), Google-on-Air (broadcast), Shared Whiteboard

Recorded Video -----Full Lecture and short FAQ

Guest Lecturers ---- Complement specific course material. They usual occur as a discussion thread --- video format (Google-on-Air)

Social Media ----Discussion threads on specific LinkedIn groups

Student Assessment ----HW Assignments, Exams, Graded Discussions, Projects