SYSE Courses

Oldest online systems engineering masters degree. Accredited by WASC. Rigorous comprehensive courses supporting relevant capstone projects.

How Do We Communicate?

The instructors have their favored way of communicating. They will provide their own phone numbers and email addresses. The online course management system, D2L, has facilities for presenting text, images, audio, video, homework assignments, quizes, email, and threaded discussions. The instructors will use some or all of D2L with additional applications, such as Google drive.

Asynchronous or Synchronous

Class material is uploaded to the PSU online course server in advance. At your convenience, you can look at material and interact with fellow students and instructor.  Instructor will give you due-dates on assignments. We impose that degree of synchronization to maximize peer-to-peer learning. We follow PSU calendar to avail ourselves of their administrative support, such registering for class, posting grades at end of term etc. To access an online class:
Be in the PSU student information system, either as a Non-Degree or as an Admitted student
Have an ODIN account
Register for class
Wait until first week of term when D2L classes are opened.

An anywhere, anytime, distance-learning environment:
Systems Engineering Online Learning Environment

Course Administration ---Lecture Material on D2L course management system, HW, Exams, Threaded Discussions, Student-to-Student interaction and Student-to-Instructor/Assistants interactions using email <>

Reading Materials ----D2L Learning Modules, Links to Handbooks and Articles. Often a textbook

Student Questions-----Faculty and Teaching Assistants available by email <> and threaded discussions

Class Interactive Sessions----Google Hangout (chat), Google-on-Air (broadcast), Shared Whiteboard

Recorded Video -----Full Lecture and short FAQ

Guest Lecturers ---- Complement specific course material. They usual occur as a discussion thread --- video format (Google-on-Air)

Social Media ----Discussion threads on specific LinkedIn groups

Student Assessment ----HW Assignments, Exams, Graded Discussions, Projects