Student Information

Yes, you need a Bachelors degree in any discipline or field, but what matters most is your professional experience and interest in thinking systems.

Getting Started

New students should contact the director, Herman Migliore, to ensure that our systems engineering (SYSE) program matches your background and learning objectives. DO NOT APPLY TO PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY YET!!!

If you are not part of a cohort, select the menu link Individual Inquiry for information about getting into the program. If you are a member of a cohort, click on top menu link Cohorts to find your section with specific information such as payment information, which may be pre-arranged through your sponsor.

In either case the formal application process takes a month or two. Meanwhile, if you are ready to start taking classes now, you may do so as non-admitted student, Quick Entry, a Non-Degree Student.  The classes you take as a Non-Degree student can be used in your PSU masters program after being admitted, but please contact director Herman Migliore, before signing up as a Non-Degree student because this expedited approach has limitations and constraints.

Those interested in professional education and not necessarily a masters degree, are encouraged to consider taking our graduate courses as a Non-Degree student.

Desired Student Background

Regular admission will be limited to students with at least three years of professional experience and an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution with a GPA of at least 3.0 out of a 4.0 system. If you have taken 12 or more graduate credit hours, the graduate GPA is used instead of the undergraduate. Applicants with a lesser GPA may be granted conditional admission, with conditions specified by the Director. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is not required. 

  • introduction to engineering mathematics;
  • at least 3 years experience working in a professional environment;
  • participation in multidisciplinary teams (technology+business);
  • appreciation of systems concepts;
  • vision as to why you want to earn a masters degree in systems engineering;
  • a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, not necessarily in engineering; 
  • ability to work at a graduate level: a) vague problem statements requiring further definition, b) multiple approaches to solving a problem, c) open ended solutions;
  • willingness to learn material both independently and in collaboration with fellow students and the instructor; 
  • self-motivated to study -- such is the nature of online learning. 

New to PSU?

If you are new to PSU and considering a few classes and not interested in a degree, you may register for one course per term without being formally admitted to a program. Before you can register for a class, your contact information must be entered into PSU's information system, Banweb, by using a Non-Degree Application (formerly called Quick-Entry).  If you decide to earn a masters, please be aware that there is a limit on the number of credits that can be used towards the degree for courses completed before graduate admission to PSU.  For us to give you meaningful feedback on your background relative to taking a SYSE class or applying for the masters degree, please be prepared to provide the SYSE Director with:

  1. Copy of Resume
  2. Unofficial Transcripts (eventually, you will need official transcripts sent to Grad Admission Office)
  3. Statement as to your interest in a particular SYSE class or in applying for a SYSE masters degree.

To Register for A Class

  1. Did you contact the program director, Herman Migliore?
  2. A new student must provide contact information to PSU, either by submitting a Non-Degree Entry form or being formally admitted to PSU and SYSE program; 
  3. After that, student will receive a PSU ID # and a security code, which you use to activate your PSU's central computer account, ODIN; 
  4. Activate your ODIN login;
  5. Use your ODIN login to register online for a class;
  6. After you register, use your ODIN login to access course learning system, D2L;
  7. Don't forget to contact the instructor! 


You do not have to provide PSU with your social security number.  Whether you are a 'Non-Degree' student or an admitted masters student, you will receive email assigning you a PSU ID number (not the same number used by online application for admission). Also, both non-degree and admitted students will be given a security code, which is used, along with PSU ID#, to activate your PSU central computer system, ODIN. You will be asked for your date of birth, which is used in future as part of security questions and to distinguish you from other John Smith's if your name is John Smith.

ODIN Central Computer Account

Gives you access to a bunch of servers and applications and PSU links:

  1. online course management system (D2L),
  2. your PSU email (,
  3. electronic library material,
  4. Banweb which supports the student's online registration, how much you owe PSU, grades at end of term,
  5. ODIN Account Manager (OAM), coordinates your login and password among these systems,
  6. has several important links
    Using Banweb, link to Online registration for a class
    To Desire2Learn system, D2L, after you register for a specific class
    PSU email <>

PSU Computer Help Desk (503-725-4357

If you need help, tell them you are a Distance Learning student. They may ask you to participate in Google Hangout or ask you a series of personal questions. Why? Security! If you happen to be in Portland Oregon, you can drop-by the Help Desk. By far the best way to activate your ODIN account is to do it online as discussed above. If you are having trouble, call the Help Desk, best during business hours (Pacific time).

Courses Prior to Admission or for Non-Degree

Go to:  Fill out the Non-Degree Entry form online for which there is a moderate fee.

    General University Guidelines on Admission

    Admission to graduate study is granted on the basis of evidence of suitable preparation and the probability of success in the intended field of study. Failure to supply complete and accurate information will delay the admissions process and subject applicants to the University’s policies governing academic dishonesty.

    With the new online application, departments and the university can easily view all documents simultaneously for streamlined processing. Some features that may be helpful include the following:

    Official transcripts are no longer required until after an applicant has been admitted, this is the last step required prior to registering for classes. This saves time and money for applicants in completing the application.

    Letter's of Recommendation can also be submitted through the online system, allowing applicants to track who has submitted what so that they can easily follow-up with their recommenders and is automatically attached to their application file upon submission.  (Letters can also be accepted via email, fax or post.)

    Application to University and SYSE Program

    At any time, admission applications are accepted for the Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering and for the PSU Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering Fundamentals. To apply for admission, please go to and click on the "Apply for Admission" button. You will then be able to create a login and start your application form.  Please note that you need to upload scanned copies of your documents. If you cannot do this, you can mail copies to us to upload for you. To send paper copies, send official documents to OGS or ETM addresses. At the end, either enter a fee waiver code if your sponsor is paying or if not provide information to pay for the application fee. If you want to make changes after submission, you still have access to the form. Or contact us to make changes or upload documents for you.

    If You Made It This Far

    For more information on making payments, go to left menu, Cost & Payment link. For those who are part of a formal, pre-arranged cohort, you tuition and fees may be paid for you - in advance. Your cohort's web section should make clear what is covered. What might not be covered is payment to other universities for official transcripts and textbooks.

    More information about forms and deadlines are listed in Advising Guide in left menu, most of which we can leave for later except two:
    1. In addition to filling out the online forms for admission application, The State of Oregon wants to know if you had your measles vaccination, Distance Learning or not.  The online form is at
    2. If you take 5 or more credits, PSU provides you health insurance unless you already have it through your employer or as a member of military. If you have health insurance, you must request a waiver. The online form is not available at all times, but only a few weeks before each term. The form will ask about your health insurance coverage.  The deadline for submitting the online request for a waiver is about the second week of the term.  The waiver form can filled out 72 hours after registration. Remember health waiver form only applies if you are taking 5 credits or more.

    Best for last, interested in our online pedagogy?