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Systems engineers solve problems that others cannot.

What Do We Mean by a Cohort?
You landed here under the tab "Individual Inquiry" because you are not part of a cohort.  As an individual you need to first contact the Director, Herman Migliore. Individuals will be helped to register for any of our classes and helped to either form their own cohort or to join an existing one.

The cohort approach offers many educational advantages for the students:

  • same interests in systems engineeering allowing us to tailor required courses and to offer appropriate electives;
  • collaboration with many students within each cohort, to enhance peer-to-peer learning;
  • familiarity with the same students who start the program at same time and take similar classes;
  • same employer or sponsor which focuses cohort's educational goals and expands project possibilities.

With a critical number of students and with sponsorships, the student is less concerned with costs and the program has confidence in financial planning for this cohort.

We are a formally-approved graduate program at Portland State University (PSU).  PSU is on the quarter system, 10-11 week terms, offered four times per year.  We use these quarter terms to synchronize learning among students. With cohorts, we plan to go one step further.  New students may be started several times per year, with the expectation that they follow a similar study plan for their entire degree.  As a consequence, a particular cohort will stay in phase and better achieve the advantages listed above.  We will use the term Group of Cohorts when referring to students with same sponsor and same areas of interest, but may have started at different times.

I Want to Join a Cohort
By going to the Cohort menu link, you see a list of existing cohorts or planned groups of cohorts.  Their educational goals and study plans are shown within their section.  For example, the Air Force group of cohorts will emphasize an education program that applies systems engineering to the needs of the Federal government and Department of Defense.

It would be possible to take courses from different groups of cohorts, as long as the overall structure of the master of Engineering in Systems Engineering is met.

Questions or Comments?
Contact the Director, Herman Migliore