Dr. Herman Migliore

Director, Systems Engineering Program


Dr. Migliore has 45 years in engineering education. Over that period of time, he has worked closely with industry and government to provide students with relevant curriculum including a variety of real engineering projects. Dr. Migliore is Associate Dean Emeritus of Engineering and current Director of Systems Engineering.

Herman Migliore
Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science
Portland State University
POB 751
Portland, OR 97207 

University of Detroit, Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering, 1968
University of Detroit, Materials Engineering, Master of Engineering, 1969
University of Detroit, Mechanical Engineering, Doctor of Engineering, 1975

Professional Engineer
Registered in States of Washington, California, and Oregon

Current appointments:
Portland State University Director of Systems Engineering 1996-Present
Portland State University Associate Dean Emeritus of Engineering 2003-Present
Portland State University Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering 2003-Present

Previous academic appointments:
Portland State University Associate Dean of Engineering 1996-2005
Portland State University Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1982-2003

Portland State University Chair of Mechanical Engineering Dept 1995-1996
Portland State University Asst/Assoc. Professor of Mechanical Engr 1977-1982

Previous professional positions:
Naval Civil Engineering Lab Research Mechanical Engineer 1975-1977
Chrysler Corporation Doctoral Intern 1973-1975
Naval Civil Engineering Lab Mechanical Engineer 1969-1972
Ford Motor Company Co-op Mechanical Engineer 1966-1968