Grad Certificates

Portland State University's graduate certificates are subsets of the masters.  Upon succesfully completion, they become part of the PSU record, similar to a degree.

The PSU Grad Certificate in Systems Engineering Fundamentals consists of the four core course of SYSE masters degree:

  • SYSE 591 Systems Approach
  • SYSE 573 Requirements Engineering
  • ETM 540 Operations Research (640 is the online version)
  • Modeling, Either SYSC 514 System Dynamics or SYSC 527 Discrete System Simulation

A SYSE masters student may earn the certificate after completing the four core courses.  A simple PSU Graduate School form is used to add the certificate to the student's graduate study program.

Those interested in starting with PSU Grad Certificate, before the master's may do so.  The application process is similar for both, since it is relatively easy to start with one and add the other.


Other PSU Grad Certificates are available. 

  • Portland State: Strategic Management of Technology

  • Portland State: Project Management Certificate

  • Portland State: Computational Intelligence Certificate

  • Portland State: Computer Modeling & Simulation Certificate

  • Portland State Strategic Management of Technology Certificate

  • Portland State: Global Supply Chain Management Certificate

  • Portland State: Computer Security Certificate