Linguistic Corpora, Natural Language Processing, and Working Abroad: Some Personal Reflections with Applied Linguistics student Dominique O'Donnell
Friday, January 12, 2018 - 3:30pm

Join us to hear some reflections from Applied Linguistics and Computer Science student Dominique O'Donnell, who had a summer internship with Sketch Engine, an online platform that has ready-to-use corpora in over 90 languages.  Sketch Engine's tools are used by linguists, lexicographers, translators, historians, and language teachers and students. You can use them, too. But what's behind these tools?  Hear about Dom's experiences writing code, working with the entertaining computational linguists at Sketch Engine,  and living in the Czech Republic for the summer.  Dom will also share some ideas for using Sketch Engine effectively and suggest some things to do if you think you might be interested in pursuing computational linguistics or natural language processing but you don't yet have much experience.

Learn more about Sketch Engine at