AF SYSE Program

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PSU Systems Engineering (SYSE) Education Program

  • A Masters Degree in Engineering with specialization in a system of interest to you, such as management and organizations, biological and human, political and international, technical analysis and modeling; Complete Your Degree at Your Pace: between 1 and 7 years.
  • Portland State University (PSU) offers an educational experience integrated with the community, the world, and your workplace, earning it the rank of one of the nation’s most innovative according to U.S. News & World Report.  PSU is an accredited, comprehensive university with a systems engineering program renowned for quality. 
  • Join our online community, anyplace direct contact with faculty and advisors - each of us have more than 15 years of teaching online - we know how to help you succeed now and for the rest of your life.
  • Portland State University is in heart of the Pacific NW, a special place for creative and critical thinkers who have new ideas on how to improve themselves while enjoying a young, dynamic environment.  You are not required to visit our downtown Portland campus as part of your degree, but you will want to!

A Systems Engineering Worldview

Builds on a systems as being dynamic, connected and coupled, having feedback, being bounded with boundary conditions, demonstrating complexity, emerging from its history, being self-organizing, showing adaptability, evolving, subjective to tradeoffs, showing resistant to policy, and often being counter-intuitive.

A Few Words

If you are part of an approved AF cohort, you may have seen our orientation visuals.  If you serve in the AF or work for them, but are not part of an approved cohort, I can provide more information. Please send email to Herman Migliore. For those of you in the approved AF cohort, we are endeavoring to make the registration, admission, continuation, and graduation administrative processes as clear as possible.  Let's start with payment. If you are approved to be part of the AF education program at PSU, tuition and fees will be paid by the AF. One minor cost to you beyond our control is the possibility of a fee to send official transcripts to PSU, charged by you previous institution. You may receive an email warning of payment due to PSU.  It sometimes takes a few days for PSU Third Party billing to reconcile accounts. If unclear, please contact me.