Research: Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems

Research Areas

Approximate Dynamic Programming / Adaptive Critic Techniques

Experience Based Control and Context Discernment
Adaptive Critic Methods

Prestructuring Networks for Improved Training and Generalization

Bridging Symbolic AI with NN-based AI

Other Neural Network and Fuzzy System Items

Related Topics



Computational Intelligence

Computational Intelligence: Adaptive Critics for Controller Design
NSF Grant no. ECS-9904378 (3 yr.; 1999-2002)
NASA P.O. L-17041 (1yr.; 2002-2003)
NSF Grant no. ECS-0301022 (3 yr.; 2003-2006)

Associated Courses

SYSC 575/EE 555 Artificial Neural Networks I

SYSC 576/EE 556 Artificial Neural Networks II

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