Mouthy: The Impact of Access
Author: Piper Davis
Posted: December 6, 2019

Piper mouths off about food access and takes the ax to the argument that well-grown organic food is for elitists. She’s joined by dietitian and OHSU-PSU School of Public Health professor Betty Izumi.

Check out the podcast here.

Take Action & Get Mouthy

We all know I like to talk, but I also like to leave you with something you can do.


Read more about the CSA Partnership for Health and donate through Zenger Farm, one of the Partnership’s collaborators. Make you donation dedicated to the CSA Partnership for Health. 

Many Farmers Markets have programs that double SNAP benefits. If you’re local to Portland, you can donate to the Portland Farmers Market Fund. Or, do some research in your area to find a similar program. 


If you have school-age kids, check out what’s on the menu in their school cafeteria. If it sounds good, send your kids with lunch money. And check out this information on the benefits of school lunch.