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Graduate Certificate Testimonial

For persons interested in this Certificate Program:

I was laid off from my job at Research Data Design, and the day after I was laid off I placed my resume on I was contacted by Wells Fargo who was looking for an Operations Research Analyst. They were intrigued with my work towards my PhD in Systems Science and were most impressed with the Graduate Certificate in Computer Modeling and Simulation, which I had received this March. I went in for my interviews and was requested that I bring in some samples of my work; I brought in my term project and assignments from SYSC 529 - Business Process Modeling course. And that was the winning ticket, the material I learned in that course and the provable application of that material to a real world problem was exactly what Wells Fargo had been looking for and I was hired on as the Senior Operations Analyst at Wells Fargo, a day later.

Let me know if you need more details.

October 2003