Faculty: Martin Zwick Publications

Papers are grouped in three areas:

  • discrete multivariate modeling (reconstructability analysis): static and dynamic set- and information-theoretic methods for nominal or nonlinearly-related variables; log-linear modeling; data-mining; structure and dynamics of automata.
  • "artificial life"/theoretical biology: the evolution of cooperation, evolutionary dynamics and adaptation in agent-environment systems; cellular automata and random nets; genetic algorithm optimization; protein folding, macromolecular crystallography.
  • systems theory and philosophy: systems theory and contemporary theories of complexity and complex adaptive systems as attempts to construct an "exact and scientific metaphysics"; the ontology of problems; topics in the philosophy of science; science and religion; systems ideas and sustainability.

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Discrete Multivariate Modeling | ALife | Systems Theory and Philosophy

Discrete Multivariate Modeling

Exploratory Reconstructability Analysis of Accident TBI Data

Mining Data on Traumatic Brain Injury with Reconstructability Analysis

Predicting Risk of Adverse Outcomes in Knee Replacement Surgery with Reconstructability Analysis

Secondary Analysis of Concussion Data

Exploratory Modeling of TBI Data

Exploratory Data Modeling of Traumatic Brain Injury

Reconstructability Analysis of Genetic Loci Associated with Alzheimer Disease

Reconstructability of Epistatic Functions

Reconstructability Analysis of Epistasis

Reconstructability Analysis as a Tool for Identifying Gene-Gene Interactions in Studies of Human Diseases

Reconstructability Analysis Detects Genetic Variation Associated with Gene Expression

Using Reconstructability Analysis for Input Variable Reduction: A Business Example

Ordering Genetic Algorithm Genomes With Reconstructability Analysis: Discrete Models

Application of Information-Theoretic Data Mining Techniques in a National Ambulatory Practice Outcomes Research Network

An Overview of Reconstructability Analysis

Reconstructability Analysis with Fourier Transforms

Multi-Level Decomposition of Probabilistic Relations

A Software Architecture for Reconstructability Analysis

A Comparison of Modified Reconstructability Analysis and Ashenhurst-Curtis Decomposition of Boolean Functions

Reversible Modified Reconstructability Analysis of Boolean Circuits and Its Quantum Computation

Modified Reconstructability Analysis for Many-Valued Logic Functions

State-Based Reconstructability Analysis

Reconstructability Analysis Detection of Optimal Gene Order in Genetic Algorithms

Directed Extended Dependency Analysis for Data Mining

Ordering Genetic Algorithm Genomes With Reconstructability Analysis

Using Reconstructability Analysis to Select Input Variables for Artificial Neural Networks

Enhancements to Crisp Possibilistic Reconstructability Analysis

An Information Theoretic Methodology for Prestructuring Neural Networks

Wholes and Parts in General Systems Methodology

State-Based Reconstructability Modeling for Decision Analysis

Prestructuring Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition Using Extended Dependency Analysis

Complexity Reduction in State-Based Modeling

Complexity and the Decomposability of Relations

Resolution of Local Inconsistency in Identification

Structure and Dynamics of Cellular Automata

Control Uniqueness in Reconstructability Analysis

Information-Theoretic Mask Analysis of Rainfall Time-Series Data

Set-Theoretic Reconstructability of Elementary Cellular Automata

On Matching ANN Structure to Problem Domain Structure

An Information Theoretic Framework for Exploratory Multivariate Market Segmentation Research

Image Reconstruction from Projections

Artificial Life / Theoretical Biology

Dynamics of Prebiotic RNA Reproduction Illuminated by Chemical Game Theory.

Levels of Altruism

The Evolution of Altruism: Game Theory in Multilevel Selection and Inclusive Fitness

What's Wrong with Inclusive Fitness?

Unifying the Theories of Inclusive Fitness and Reciprocal Altruism

Strong Altruism Can Evolve in Randomly Formed Groups

Hamilton's Rule Applied to Reciprocal Altruism

Ordering Genetic Algorithm Genomes With Reconstructability Analysis

Reconstructability Analysis Detection of Optimal Gene Order in Genetic Algorithms

Altruism, the Prisoner's Dilemma, and the Components of Selection

N-Player Prisoner's Dilemma in Multiple Groups: A Model of Multilevel Selection

Simpson's Paradox Can Emerge from the N-Player Prisoner's Dilemma: Implications for the Evolution of Altruistic Behavior

Effect of Environmental Structure on Evolutionary Adaptation

Structure and Dynamics of Cellular Automata

Dependence of Adaptability on Environmental Structure in a Simple Evolutionary Model

Global Optimization Studies on the 1-D Phase Problem

Set-Theoretic Reconstructability of Elementary Cellular Automata

Variance and Uncertainty Measures of Population Diversity Dynamics

Diversity Dynamics in Static Resource Models

Dynamics of Diversity in an Evolving Population

Application of the Genetic Algorithm to a Simplified Form of the Phase Problem

Improving Crystallographic Macromolecular Images: The Real-Space Approach

Systems Theory and Philosophy

      Ideas and Graphs

Mind and Life: Is the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature False? (journal article)

Freedom as a Natural Phenomenon (journal article)

The Mechanisms of Information Integration in Experimental Prediction Markets

Levels of Altruism (journal article)

Systems Theory and the Metaphysics of Composition

Is the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature False? (conference presentation)

Freedom as a Natural Phenomenon (conference presentation)

Complexity Theory and Political Change: Talcott Parsons Occupies Wall Street

Levels of Altruism (conference presentation)

Personal Knowledge and the Inner Sciences

Symbolic Structures as Systems: On the Near Isomorphism of Two Religious Symbols

The Diagram of the Supreme Pole and the Kabbalistic Tree: On the Similarity of Two Symbolic Structures

Holism and Human History

A Conversation on Theodicy

Spinoza and Gödel: Causa Sui and Undecidable Truth

Systems Metaphysics: A Bridge from Science to Religion

A Review of Systems: New Paradigms for the Human Sciences

Understanding Imperfection

An Informal Review of The Crisis of Global Capitalism: A Letter to George Soros

Complexity Theory and Systems Theory

Towards an Ontology of Problems

An Information Theory Approach to Measuring Industrial Diversification

Entropy and Other Measures of Industrial Diversification

The Effect of Industrial Diversification on Employment and Income: A Case Study

Incompleteness, Negation, Hazard: On the Precariousness of Systems

Information, Constraint and Meaning

Entropy Measures in Input-Output Analysis

Some Analogies of Hierarchical Order in Biology and Linguistics

Dialectics & Catastrophe

Requisite Variety and the Second Law

Quantum Measurement and Gödel's Proof

Fuzziness and Catastrophe