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Courses: SYSC/EMGT 553: Manufacturing System Simulation


Associate Professor, Systems Science. Wayne earned his Ph.D. in Systems Science, and has taught modeling and simulation courses at PSU for many years. He also has twenty years of industrial experience in manufacturing and Information Technology.


The course focuses on using the ProModel discrete event simulation software to model manufacturing systems. Concepts include: a) overview of discrete system simulation and manufacturing simulation, b) data collection and prob. distributions, c) modeling material handling systems, d) job shop and production planning applications, and e) experimental design and output analysis. Relevant aspects of ProModel are also covered: locations, entities, processing logic, arrivals, path networks, resources, etc.

The course is designed to be of interest to students in Business, Engineering Management, Systems Science, Systems Engineering, and other programs; and to professionals in manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, and industrial engineering.

Class Format and Grading:

Blackboard is used to provide course materials, collect assignments, and other administrative functions. Part of the class time is used to cover conceptual materials in a traditional lecture format. The rest of the class time is spent learning the software and building simulation models in the Intel Microcomputer Laboratory at PSU. Grading is based on exercises (30%), a midterm (20%), and worlk related to a major class project of interest to the student (50%).

Required Text:

Harrell, Ghosth, and Bowden, Simulation Using Promodel, 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill, 2004.

Optional Texts:

Simulation Modeling and Analysis, 4th ed., Averill Law, 2007. (earlier editions are also helpful)


Basic probability and statistics. Familiarity with  manufacturing operations, EMGT 550/650 (or IME 561), or the consent of the instructor.


Contact Wayne Wakeland:, (503) 725-4975