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SYSC 507: Seminar

Fall, Winter, and Spring terms (1 CR)
Fridays 12:00 to 12:50 p.m.
Harder House Room 104

Are you wondering what sort of research happens in systems science? Are you wondering what systems science in action looks like? Are you looking to meet a real systems scientist? Then join us for the fall term of the systems science seminar. The systems science seminar will feature both faculty researchers as well as doctoral student researchers either working in or collaborating with systems science. Topics will vary from abstract systems theory, to game theory, to computational intelligence to neuroscience.

If you are a Core graduate student in systems science, this is a great term to meet systems science colleagues and fulfill your systems science seminar requirement. If you are not a Core systems science student, then this seminar will provide you with a broad look at the life of systems science and a chance to interact with researchers and students in the multi-disciplinary field of systems science.