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Course Number



Typical Term

SYSC 411/511 Systems Theory  Fusion Winter
SYSC 413/513 Holistic Strategies for Problem Solving Hall Fall
SYSC 414/514 System Dynamics  Wakeland/Kenzie Winter
SYSC 416/516 Systems Thinking for Business | [Intro Video] | Syllabus Jolly infrequent
SYSC 418/518 Sustainable Systems and Organizational Resilience  Wakeland/Kenzie Fall (odd years)
SYSC 421/521 Systems Philosophy | Syllabus Zwick Winter (2018)
SYSC 423/523 Systems Ideas & Sustainability | Syllabus Zwick infrequent
SYSC 525/625 Agent Based Simulation  Wakeland/Frakes Fall
SYSC 527/627 Discrete System Simulation Wakeland/Nielsen Spring
SYSC 431/531 Data Mining with Information Theory Zwick/Fusion Winter
SYSC 435/535 Modeling & Simulation with R & Python Frakes Spring
SYSC 440/540 Introduction to Network Science Venkatachalapathy Spring
SYSC 445/545 Application of Data Science Fusion Spring
SYSC 551/651 Discrete Multivariate Modeling Zwick Fall
SYSC 452/552 Game Theory  Fusion Fall (odd years)
SYSC 557/657 Artificial Life | Syllabus Fusion Fall (even years)
SYSC 575 AI: Neural Networks I  Fusion Spring (2019)
SCI 313U Environmental Math Modeling | Syllabus Fisher Infrequent
SYSC 330U Models in Science | KVR, SLA Fusion, Kenzie, Frakes Fall, Spring
SYSC 332U Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling  | KVR, FPT, DTIE Weisdorf alternates
SYSC 334U Modeling Social-Ecological Systems | EnvSust, GEC, DTIE Sotnik alternates
SYSC 336U Networks and Society | FPT, ComStdLSC Fusion Fall, Spring
SYSC 338U Decision Making in Complex Environments | KVR, LSC, DTIE Fusion/Dicks Winter
SYSC 340U Big Data and the Modern World | KVR, FPT Geissert alternates
SYSC 350U Indigenous & Systems Perspectives on Sustainability | EnvSust, F&S, KVR, HP/HP, DTIE Hall Winter
SYSC 399U Systems Thinking for Social Change | DTIE, LSC, KVR Kenzie Fall