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Cancer-causing benzene found in e-cigarette vapors operated at high power, PSU study finds

Portland State University scientists have found that significant levels of cancer-causing benzene in e-cigarette vapors can form when the devices are operated at high power.

Portland State study finds hazardous chemicals in e-cigarette vapor on top of nicotine and flavorings

Portland State University researchers have found potentially hazardous chemical compounds in the basic liquid used in e-cigarettes. These chemicals are in addition to the ones found in an e-cigarette’s nicotine and flavorings.

The findings by PSU researchers David Peyton, Rob Strongin and R. Paul Jensen were released this week in Scientific Reports, a journal published by Nature Publishing Group.

OPB: PSU Study Finds Vaping Generates 15 Chemicals

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A new Portland State University study finds that e-cigarettes produce 15 compounds — even when their liquid doesn’t contain nicotine or flavorings. It’s the largest number of compounds reported so far.

Chemistry professor David Peyton and his team found that when heated, e-cigarette liquid generates chemicals like dihydroxyacetone and formic acid.

“Some of them are just fine. Some of them are more problematic,” he said.