Sensors in Service of Global Health - The SWEETSense™ Technology

The SweetSense and SweetData technologies are commercialized through the Portland State SweetLab spin-out, SweetSense Inc. Please visit SweetSense Inc. here.

One Tech. Many Applications.

Remote monitoring systems are an innovative method to ensure the success of appropriate technology projects. Rather than infrequent engagement, remote monitoring systems ensure that community partnerships are maintained through continuous monitoring. Find out more.

Low Cost Monitoring Solutions

With hundreds of SWEETSense units deployed in 12 countries, the SweetSense technology is the only robust fully-integrated, compact, low-powered, high resolution data acquisition system on the market specifically targeting the $40 billion annual global development market. Find out more.

The Internet of Things, a market anticipated to reach around 25 billion connected devices by 2020, doesn’t have to be just about marginal quality of life improvements for suburban America. It can also help bring critical life saving services to rural Africa, Asia and other emerging economies.

Adding electronic sensors, connected over the cellular networks to Internet databases available globally, can help draw attention to, and incentivize, fixing what we might call the Internet of Broken Things. Find out more about our work at www.sweetsensors.com.