The SWEETLab™ at Portland State University develops and implements technologies for the support of life in remote environments. 

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Clean Water for Africa

Innovating for Essential Resources


Articles and News 2016-2017

Portland company lands $750,000 federal grant to expand water monitoring in Africa, The Oregonian, September, 2017

Satellite Monitoring: An Innovative Solution for Water Management, Medium, September 2017

This Portlander Could Become Canada's Next Astronaut, Portland Monthly, May 2017

Portland State Professor Could be one of Canada's Next Astronauts, The Oregonian, May 2017

NetHope Plenary Presentation, Atlanta, GA 2016

DevEx: The ‘internet of things’ is narrowing the gap between data and action, June 2016

Feedback Labs: Broken Pumps and Promises, June 2016

The Internet of Broken Things, Engineering for Change, April 2016

Fixing M&E with Sensors and the Internet of Things, ICTWorks, March 2016

Harnessing the Internet of Things for Global Development, United Nations Broadband Commission, January 2016

Sensing Impacts: Remote Monitoring Using Sensors, Center for Effective Global Action, Innovations for Poverty Action, February, 2016

Articles and News 2012 -2015

Fearless Inventor, March 2015

Cleaner Water for 2.5 Million People, January, 2015

Portland State Vice President Jon Fink Visits Rwanda, October, 2014

Smart Sensors in Rwanda Warn Engineers in Oregon When Water Pumps Fail, Forbes, June 22, 2014

Five Questions with Evan Thomas, ASME Engineering for Change, May 14, 2014

World Bank Demand-Driven Innovation, July 19, 2013

Mercy Corps: Using Innovative Technologies to Measure Behavior Change in Public Health Programs, July 9, 2013

Portland Monthly: 25 Portlanders Who Are Changing the World, January 25, 2013

USAID / UC-Berkeley Development Innovation Lab, Portland State Co-Investigator Campus

Oregon becoming a hub for international development 2.0, Sustainable Business Oregon, December 31, 2012

Portland State named as Co-Investigator: USAID invests up to $20 million in UC Berkeley’s global development initiatives, November 8, 2012

The Commonwealth Club: Water: Innovating for the Essential Resource, November 7, 2012

The Atlantic: Developing countries serve as R&D lab for global technologies, October 16, 2012

UNESCO Global Water Forum: Leveraging carbon financing to enable accountable water treatment programs,September 23, 2012

Engineering News Record: UK and US Engineers to Boost Water and Air Quality in Africa, September 12, 2012

Christian Science Monitor: A lab uses remote sensors to measure how well aid projects work, September 11, 2012

The Solutions Journal: Measuring Sustainability, August, 2012

Portland Tribune: Saving Lives, CO2 Emissions in Rwanda, July 25, 2012

Mercy Corps Global Envision: How a Portland lab uses remote sensors to measure how aid projects work, July 24, 2012

Engineering for Change: Sustainable Energy for All (Webinar Presentation), May 30, 2012

Co.Exist: Do Aid Projects Work? Tiny Sensors Will Now Let Us Know In Real Time, April 30, 2012

SmartPlanet Q&A: Evan Thomas on using remote sensing for more effective humanitarian aid systems, April 26, 2012

Treehugger: Smart Sensors to Help Monitor Effectiveness of Water Filters and Cookstoves in Rwanda, April 13, 2012

NASA Ask Magazine: NASA Engineers Without Borders, July 9, 2012

Center for a Better Life: NASA’s Social Innovation Concept: Human Development and Space Exploration, January 2012


Articles and News 2006-2011
The Economist Social Business Summit: Profitable Responsibility - Manna Energy Case Study, March 2011

The New York Times: News Flash: Progress Happens
, December 15, 2011

Green Science Oregon Episode 10.1 (Youtube)- Portland State University SWEET Lab

The New York Times: Green Strategies for the Poorest, November 19, 2010

Exhaling for Exploration: Scientists Test Lunar Breathing System, May 9, 2008

Design Squad - The NASA Toilet, 2006