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Telling the Stories of PSU Innovations
Telling the Stories of PSU Innovations

Shaun McGillis works with PSU innovators, crafting the story of their innovations, and writing the profiles that tell those stories. Shaun also works with PSU research faculty, writing profiles of their work that are available for anyone to read at the PSU website.

Shaun has a long history at PSU, having attended classes as a post-bac student, and later in the inaugural class of PSU’s new MFA in creative writing where his focus was on poetry. Shaun received his MFA in Creative Writing in 2011, the year he began working for Innovation & Intellectual Property.

Helping the greater PSU community and the community beyond the University’s walls discover the exciting innovations and research going on at PSU is Shaun’s goal and the driving force behind the writing he does for the office of Innovation & Intellectual Property.