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Professor Erin Spottswood
Professor Erin Spottswood

My research interests focus on 1) how subtle cues embedded in online environments influence interpersonal communication dynamics, and 2) how the concepts of identity and face are crucial to understanding these dynamics on social media sites. Subtle features of online environments can play an important and at times unconscious role in social dynamics, from perceptions of the self and other to interpersonal behaviors and social norms. The goal of my research program is to examine how online environments reinforce or challenge traditional theories on interpersonal dynamics to advance our understanding of how communication technology transforms interpersonal perceptions and communication behavior.


Assistant Professor
Office phone: 503.725.5810
University Center Building 440
Office: 440D

PhD | Cornell University|
MA | Michigan State University
BA | Carthage College

Focus Areas
Communication & Technology
Interpersonal Communication

Research Interests
Social Media
Interpersonal Dynamics