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Kelli Russell, M.S.
Kelli Russell, M.S.

Adjunct Faculty

Criminology & Criminal Justice 


M.A., Criminology and Criminal Justice, Portland State University
B.A., Criminology and Criminal Justice, Portland State University

Kelli Russell has approximately twelve years of experience working with at-risk youth in residential, custody, and community-based settings. Kelli has worked with Commercially Sexually Exploited (CSE) throughout her work as a juvenile detention officer in both Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. This includes developing and implementing a screening protocol, InterCSECt, used to identify risk factors associated with CSE and establish and connect services for survivors.

Kelli works collaboratively with law enforcement and community resources and currently co-chairs CSE steering committees for both Marion and Clackamas County. Over the past nine years, she has helped to establish a network of support for survivors and increase offender accountability through service coordination, policy evaluation, development, implementation and training. Kelli has created and delivered training to law enforcement, juvenile court, social service agencies and advocates on the issue of CSEC throughout the United States. These trainings include CSE victim identification, establishing advocacy-centered, multidisciplinary response at the county and state level, and survivor informed intervention strategies and best practices in community-based, county, state and federal agencies.

After earning her Masters in 2015 from Portland State University, Kelli teaches on the subject of human trafficking and careers in criminal justice as an Adjunct Instructor in CCJ and is Operations Manager at Safety Compass, a non-profit that provides advocacy services to survivors of CSE in Marion and Clackamas County.